For a long time my father Markus wrote down the meter readings from electricity and water mether every week by hand. At the end of the year he entered all the values in an Excel sheet to create diagrams. In order to simplyfy this process I created a custom smarthome app for him.For more info, see below.

Applied Skills

React Bootstrap

How it works

Energy meter readings

The main funcitonality of the app is to enter the current weeks meter readings and create diagrams. It is also possible to switch between several time spans while viewing the diagrams and select/unselect the data sets you want to see.


When my father got a weather station I was interested in extracting the data. Fortunately the weather station offered an USB interface with which I could read out all the data I want using a Raspberry Pi. On the RPi I wrote a script which sends a request to the smarthome backend to store the current weather every 15 seconds. I chose the timespan that low to get all changes for thw wind because I wanted to cerate a wind direction diagram.

Data storage

Due to over two million data sets per year I needed to figured out how best to store them. I came to the solution to create multiple tables in my database; one for temperature and humidity data (1 data set every 15 minutes) and one for wind direction and speed data (1 data set every 15 seconds). As I wanted to use this data in some other private projects I decided to store them on my own server instead of firebase.


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